A Great Big, Beautiful Yesterday


Every time I leave the Magic Kingdom, east or west, I like to take one last, long look around Town Square and absorb as much of it as I can.

As I did so last night, I approached the Main Street train station to make my exit just as a boarding call rang out, and I glanced up at the steam engine about to depart for another trip around the park. The conductor was kind of slumped over the window frame of the engine car, watching people stream in and out of the park through the tunnel below, unaware of his presence. I nodded at him and gave a quick salute, not even sure he could see me. He raised a hand and waved. From where I was standing, it might as well have been Walt himself.

I’ve been fortunate enough to always assume that these parting glances of mine are temporary. I’ve been lucky enough to grow up comfortable in the knowledge that I would somehow always make it back here again, and that each subsequent visit would be better than the last. But I know I can’t count on that anymore, and I don’t know that I need to. I can’t be sure that I’ll return soon, or ever, but I can’t imagine a better farewell. It’s a small world, but it will always mean a lot to me.