Social Media: What Is It Good For?

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Not nearly as combative as the title might suggest, my panel presentation for the 2018 American Public Gardens Association annual conference afforded a great opportunity to collaborate with Erin Bird of Denver Botanic Gardens and Clare Hahne from Desert Botanical Garden. The result was probably as refreshing and informative for me as it was for anyone in the audience.

Program description:

In the age of ever-decreasing marketing budgets and dwindling press outlets, public gardens must utilize creative, relevant, engaging, and low-cost communication tools. Social media checks all those boxes. Not only will good social media content increase general and special event attendance, it may attract new demographics and put you on the map for being an important organization worthy of local and national attention. This presentation looks at how three public gardens – Denver Botanic Gardens, Desert Botanical Garden, and Missouri Botanical Garden – experiment with beautiful, fun and educational social media campaigns and collaborations that result in great engagement, ticket sales and increased attendance while using realistic staff resources and zero to very minimal execution dollars.

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