When Obsession Happens Again

The night before Thanksgiving goes by a variety of nicknames reflecting its status as the busiest drinking night of the year—Blackout Wednesday is maybe the most universally recognized, but a local variant, Skanksgiving, seems to be gaining some traction.

While I think my days of welcoming home returning expats with nonstop Obama bombs are long over, I'm usually willing to grab #onedrink or split a pizza with a few former comrades when they float back to St. Louis for the holidays.

Circumstances prevented such a meetup this year, but I did get to see one face from the past—my own, on someone's arm.


Way back in the aughts I "modeled" (by which I mean I stood around looking creepy) for "when obsession happens," a narrative photo series by my friend and recurring collaborator Christoper Jordan. The resulting work garnered a few glances from friends and fellow artists around town and was even published in a French art mag a couple years later. I haven't thought much about it since then, but when Cfer and his partner Vic came to town this Thanksgiving, they brought with them a hell of a reminder—my leering mug immortalized on Vic's forearm.


It's not exactly the kind of permanence I'd imagine for my creative contributions to the world, but it's a much better remainder than a Thanksgiving morning hangover.