Progress In Progress: An Exchange with Dad

I go downstairs to get water and find dad watching hockey.

"We winning?"

He turns away from the TV. “No. 4-2, Calgary.”

I fill a glass and sit on the couch. Dad shifts in his recliner.

"Are you going to talk to your mother again?"

"Yeah." I realize the sound on the TV is muted. He’s been watching this game in silence. "Do you have a headache?"


"The sound?"

"Oh," he leans for the remote. "They were talking about all the empty houses in Detroit."

”On the game? You mean the announcers?”

"Yeah, they were doing one of those videos about how much the Red Wings mean to Detroit. Soul of the city and all that."

"And you didn’t want to hear that?"

Dad doesn’t answer right away. “Not from them.”