A Reflection Brought On by Donuts Shared With a Good Friend

I never texted Jill back after her last message, about a week ago. That kind of delay would have been weird at one time, but I think we’re used to it now.

She’d told me I’d left my sunglasses at her place the night before, and I’d remembered setting them down on the stairs as I came into the house and followed her back to the living room, where her dad was passed out snoring on the couch and I’d waited for Jill to say something ignorant to him to wake him up, but instead we’d ordered pizza while he slept and then offered him some when he woke up, but he’d said no and told us goodnight and gone upstairs to bed and then we’d watched videos on the couch until we’d started touching each other and I’d watched the light from the tv bounce off the paneled wall of the living room and tried to spot the people from the videos but could only see blurry shapes.