Collaborate and Listen

I still don’t know exactly what Editorially is (judging by some of the responses to their inaugural blog post, few beyond Editorially’s principle players do), which may be why I’m so excited about it. Today it sits probably as high as it ever will, atop a tower of intrigue; lauded by test-drivers, its factory sticker not yet peeled back.

Like those confused voices in the comments, I have questions, but mine have less to do with what Editorially is or how it works than what the service may or may not herald. It’s too early to tell if collaborative writing is just a new trend; Storify and Cowbird still feel like the Diasporas of online publishing, and Medium, the communal blogging platform launched by Twitter’s co-founders, still hasn’t really “launched” yet. But if it is just a trend, I have to wonder how long it can last given the speed with which new platforms are now proliferating despite a lack of demonstrated demand.

If it’s more than a trend — if it’s a genuine reinvention of the writing process — then what took so long?