Of the plentiful startup companies to stake a claim in the mobile phone photography field over the last few years, I’ve come to call VSCO (Visual Supply Co.) — currently celebrating its second anniversary — my favorite. What started out with just another photo editing app on my phone about a year ago has turned into a daily fixation for me that goes beyond adding a filter to my latest cat picture.

Some of the love is superficial; there aren’t many companies about which I obsess to the degree that simply staring at their branding can still be a satisfying experience, but such is my relationship with VSCO. The RSS era has left me lazy and entitled, but I’ll accept (or create) any excuses I can get to click through a post and visit the VSCO site, most often via the regular reportage on the company’s Journal feed.

But there’s also an integrity to the company’s operations that I appreciate; a stated emphasis on photos first and social sharing second that’s a departure from what I think has become the norm for this type of service.

I still don’t know much about how to create great photography, but I know how I like to see great photograpy presented, and it looks like VSCO.

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