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If You Really Want to Hear About It | Ep #007

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Somber jams and bouncing souls for your weekend. Or whenever. 

1. Soundgarden: "Rusty Cage"
2. Terry Reid: "Brave Awakening"
3. Butch Walker: "21+"
4. Still Corners: "Berlin Lovers"
5. A Flock of Seagulls: "Space Age Love Song"
6. The Spells: "Can't Explain"
7. The Velvet Satins: "Nothing Can Compare to You"
8. The Bouncing Souls: "Night on Earth"
9. Jay Farrar & Benjamin Gibbard: "One Fast Move Or I'm Gone"

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The Hourchive: Snacks

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Photos by Kymberlie Birkenkamp / Misfit Hue Photography

Old habits may die hard, but if they're weird enough, they might make for good conversation. 

I hadn't planned on detailing my peculiar affinity for breaking and reconnecting Cheetos cheese puffs prior to eating them on this week's episode of the Hourchive, but it didn't take long for the admission to come to out. Hear that and other reflections on snack foods in the link below. 

The Hourchive: Ep #144 | Snacks, Drew's State of the Internet Address, and Hacker Keri