John Dedeke

John Dedeke is a storyteller, problem solver, and skee-ball champion.


Like a manifesto in pieces, or something

John has been working with words and making the internet better for twenty years. He currently manages content development and marketing for the Missouri Botanical Garden and produces The Hourchive and Long Weekend podcasts.

He has also curated content for Tumblr’s official “Vintage” channel, appeared among VSCO’s featured creators, interviewed Elvira (twice), and been seen shirtless playing Bruce Banner more than 8 million times on YouTube.


Press & appearances


Nice things people have said about John

If Kevin Smith and O. Henry had an offspring, it would be John Dedeke.
— David Levithan, Editor | PUSH
John not only gets the job done, but makes sure everyone has fun doing it.
— Chris O' Brien, Digital Content Manager | MarCom
That guy is the fine line between genius and insanity.
— Julie Burchett, Senior Director, Product Portfolio Marketing | Elsevier

Let’s go get tacos.

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