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If You Really Want to Hear About It | Ep #004

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I took a stab at a themed show for this week's music show, but I think you'll find that the selections remain within my usual wheelhouse. More gloomy than ghoulish, it won't get people dancing at your Halloween party, but it might be just the thing to play when the party's over and you're sitting in a dark, dark room (which is how I like my Halloweens). 

1. Hem: “Burying Song”
2. Joy Division: “Dead Souls”
3. Al Bowlly: “Midnight, The Stars, and You”
4. La Sera: “Losing to the Dark”
5. Morrissey: “Jack the Ripper (Live)”
6. Dead Man’s Bones: “Young & Tragic”
7. Jeremy Messersmith: “A Girl, a Boy, and a Graveyard”
8. Ministry: “Every Day is Halloween”

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If You Really Want to Hear About It | Ep #003

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Episode three of that music podcast thing is up, and it's a wild, untamed creature. There's also a new feed, so if you previously subscribed, you'll need to update your settings. You can do that with the links at the bottom of this post. 

1. Oberhofer: "Away Frm U"
2. Camera Obscura: "Suspended From Class"
3. Rancid: "Up to No Good"
4. Golden Smog: "Radio King"
5. David Bowie: "Moonage Daydream"
6. Best Coast: "Storms"
7. The Almighty Defenders: "Bow Down and Die"
8. Laura Jane Grace: "Black Me Out" (Nervous Energies Session)

Sharon Van Etten (with Tiny Ruins) breaks hearts and enchants St. Louis once again at the Luminary, Wednesday, October 15 |

That time Sharon Van Etten double-tapped that Instagram of me holding her setlist. | Photo by Kevin Korinek 

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The Hourchive: Midnight Movies

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A bit late in posting this, but Drew and I were joined on the Hourchive last week by friend and fellow cult movie aficionado Andy Triefenbach to talk about what goes into running a regular midnight movie series. It's fascinating stuff, especially if you're into the movie business and culture, and one of my favorite episodes of the podcast to date. 

The Hourchive: Ep #140 | Midnight Movies, Saturday Morning Cartoons, and Made-up Rooms